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MakoCRM   effectively simplifies sales and marketing processes
MakoCRM is a Web-based application that supports creating and maintaining good relations between a company and its clients. It is a tool used for realization of strategy and philosophy of a company’s operations. It simplifies processes, systematizes the possessed data transforming it into available information. It becomes a tool useful for both the Management and regular employees, providing assistance in day-to-day work and in undertaking long-term strategies.

The application is used in processes related directly to client support, e.g. in sale and marketing processes. It also constitutes a platform for creation of integrated tools that support core business processes of companies originating from different branches.

MakoCRM groups its function into thematic areas related to the specification of particular departments of a company. It provides tools useful in everyday operative work (such as categories, documents, calendar), as well as those that support decision making (such as payment reports, reports of expected income).
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