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Staff members belonging to the sale department are the main beneficiaries of CRM. Thanks to it, they gain access to:
  1. Information about Leads from their region:
    • New leads on which sale activities should be performed
    • Closed leads, owing to which they obtain a history of present contacts with potential clients
  2. Register of Sale Opportunities from their region, in particular to:
    • The knowledge about conducted sale activities, their value and status,
    • Any kinds of materials which were exchanged with the client. CRM has the last and up-to-date offer, which can be easily located even after a long period of time,
  3. Basic scope of information about contractors supported by the entire company,
  4. Access to the extended scope of information about contractors supported in the region assigned to oneself – all in one place. This information includes, among others:
    • Telephone and address data,
    • History of contacts (future, present and archival),
    • Current information about sale coming from the sale system,
    • Current information about payments coming from the financial system,
    • Access to information about the contractor transferred from production areas, such as complaints,
    • Contracts and offers in scanned form
  5. Compendium of knowledge about products
Information so far stored in many places, are now available in an intuitive and immediate way (outside the company as well).
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