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The Sale Area groups functionalities that support the processes of:
  • Acquiring new clients,
  • Support of current clients,
  • Sale department management.
The philosophy presented in this Area is compatible with the assumed business model realized in modern sale departments.
This model assumes the presence of the following phases in the process of client support:
  • Lead – usually stands for information about a potentially interested client who has yet not confirmed the willingness to cooperate,
  • Contractor – current client or a potential client who has already confirmed his willingness to cooperate. For such clients the process of sale is opened thanks to the Opportunity mechanism,
  • Opportunity – a cycle of events leading to sale (Contract signing), gathering as much useful information as possible. Offers, events, notes or other documents are assigned to an Opportunity. Opportunity also constitutes the basis for analysis of operative activities and efficiency of the sales department.
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