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The Company Area contains functionalities and common directories shared within the entire application. The access to them is limited, as well as in the entire application, by a set of authorizations defined in the Configuration Center.
The most important of Company Area functionalities are:
  • Contractor directory – stores information about the clients and shares other information stored in the system that are in the context of a selected client. It constitutes a compendium of knowledge about the client, e.g. through access to reports (the sources of data of which are integrated systems) launched in the context of the client, e.g. sale or payment reports. Access to particular data depends on assigning to a Region unto which a Contractor is assigned.
  • Contact Directory – stores information about contact persons as well as telephone/address data. Contacts can also be browsed in the context of a Contractor
  • Product Category – stores information about the offered Products and Services
  • Events – a functionality used for planning and documenting cooperation with a client and the work of the users of the system. The most important types of Events are, among others: telephone call, e-mail, meeting, document, message (sent among users of the system), task.
  • DMS – thanks to this functionality, you will be able to attach documents in the form of files to the application
  • Multilinguality – Currently, the interface is available in Polish, English and French.
  • Announcements – sends mail information about events and leads appearing in a region to the users assigned to the region.
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