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We invite you to try the demonstration version of the application. The login window is located here
Before logging in, please acquaint yourself with the following information:
  • The date inputted by you will be deleted. Database cleanup takes place automatically every 24 hours.
  • The demonstration version has been configured in such a way that it may demonstrate the typical scenarios based on different roles. Adequate data has also been prepared in the application. Please try the application using several logins:
    • administrator – a user from the group of administrators
    • central - a user from the group of sale users from a central region
    • nord – a user from the group of sale users from a northern region
    • cs – a user from the group of users of the client support
  • access password for all users is: makocrm
We particularly encourage you to try specific elements of the demo version. For this reason we have collected a set of several links after clicking which you will be transferred to a specific place in the system. The usefulness of these links can be applied not only in the demo but also in everyday usage. While exchanging data among you, you do not have to provide the other person with characteristic features of given objects (e.g. NIP number or name in case of contractors), you can simply send a link which will ensure uniformity of data.
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